Our ForeverStrong Personalized Fitness System is tailored people of all fitness levels who are looking for the best that strength training has to offer. By combining progressive strength training, kettlebell training and high intensity finishers for fat loss– you will learn how to transform your body in the shortest amount of time.

Unlike typical “group workouts” our training sessions are designed around your goals and ability levels.  Once you have mastered the basics, our training team will personally customize the best program for you for you based on your individual progress and propel you toward your goal. Progressively, we will coach you to work harder and smarter with each workout as you move your way up through the ForeverStrong System. Your results will be phenomenal!

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Lorri happily accepting her client of the month award that she's looking forward to using at Today's Image Salon.
I used to think that I could achieve better health through cardio programs alone. Not true. Cardio exercises never made me stronger. Now I know that the strength training I’m doing with the excellent staff at Fulton Kettlebells is what is making the difference in my health and in my outlook. Lorri
I think it’s safe to say I previously never really got into a great routine. I would do something for a couple of months, but sticking with it was always hard, so I would end up with a yo-yo effect. The ForeverStrong program provides structure, feedback, individual goals, and enough variety to keep me from getting bored. Now I come work out because I want to not because I should! Ted
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